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"I have dealt with Greg Honeyman on several occasions with regard to Owners Corporation matters and have found him to be very organised, thorough and to show a high degree of integrity. Greg is also very personable, explains things very clearly, follows up on any queries and always leaves the door open for further discussion or questions if need be. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking a manager for an Owners Corp development."
Anita M., Ballarat

"I have been dealing with MBCM Ballarat for quite some time and have found him to be very efficient, thorough and caring. Greg is articulate and personable. I would have no hesitation recommending MBCM Ballarat as you OC manager. 5 stars."
David Clay, Sebastopol

"As a first-time home buyer and purchasing a unit in a group of townhouses, it was brilliant to have (and continue to have) MBCM Ballarat's Greg to guide me through the body corporate process. Greg is generous with his time, balanced with his advice and genuine in his concern. Would recommend Greg to anyone needing a body corporate manager."
Emily O. Golden Point

"Excellent Owners Corporation set up and management. Very thorough and efficient and easy to deal with. Recommended."
Laurie G. Ballarat

"I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Greg and utilizing his expertise and knowledge with Owners Corporations for a client. His professionalism, friendliness and willingness to assist in such a timely manner was greatly appreciated. I would have no hesitation in referring any of my clients to Greg in the future."
Eureka Conveyancing, Ballarat

"In all my years building strata developments, Greg Honeyman is the only, the only member of his profession who has ever set foot on one of my building sites to understand exactly what it is that I do. And that's why I will only work with him in future."
Murray Foster, Pondiboy Pty Ltd

"Over the past 12 months or so I have become involved on our Owners Corporation Committee. As an owner within a large scale development, I have found Greg's commitment knowledge, work ethic, attitude and manner have been extremely valuable in getting our Owners Corporation working in a meaningful way.
We still have many issues to action and address, but I'm sure the Committee combined with MBCM Ballarat's many skills and qualities we will achieve success. I believe we have been very fortunate to be working with Greg and I would not hesitate in recommending him as a suitable Owners Corporation Manager to any development, no matter what size."
Michael Jones, Caroline Springs

"I have been involved in conveyancing for over 30 years and have had a lot of experience in dealing with properties where there is common property both in residential and commercial properties. Over those years I have also had the experience of working with a range of service providers who offer management of Owners' Corporations (or, as they used to be referred to as Body Corporates).
Recently, I have had the very pleasant experience of working with Greg Honeyman for the benefit of both Vendors and Purchasers of properties with common property. A range of issues have been presented to Greg and his approach to identifying and rectifying problems as well as implementing solutions is outstanding. Not only has Greg responded swiftly, professionally and courteously to establishing and managing Owners' Corporations on behalf of clients, he has done so in a way that has instilled confidence and assisted clients to make informed decisions. I would not hesitate in recommending Greg as the manager of your Owner's Corporation. He knows what is he doing and that's reassuring both for me and clients."
Pauline Fay, Sargeants Conveyancing

"I've known Greg now for approximately 12 months, when the owners and investors group decided upon a new OC Mgr for our complex. After a very intensive Q&A session at the AGM, where Greg talked about his strategies, intentions, and governance methods he wanted to bring into our Owners Corporation, we elected him as the manager, and to his credit, he is continuing to deliver upon his word, fully of enthusiasm and vigor to get the job done. He has certainly cleaned up a number of issues promptly and got under the covers to highlight, address and resolve issues quickly and diligently. Thanks Greg for your hard work !"
Joe Monaco, Creswick

"Greg is working to ensure that all organisations involved in the broader Owners Corporation supply chain understand the intricacies and various risks if any steps or processes are missed or are incorrect. Importantly, his presentation raised a number of issues of vital importance to us.
I have to say that none of the long-established Owners Corporation Management firms have ever approached us to ask whether we might benefit from such a discussion, and I thank Greg for his initiative and his highly informative talk. MBCM Ballarat's name comes up on a regular basis in our discussions with clients, and I am pleased if this results in new business for Greg's company."
Matt McCabe, National Australia Bank Ballarat

"We are the controllers of the Forest Resort Hotel at Creswick Victoria. We have been working closely with Greg Honeyman of MBCM Ballarat in his position as Manager of the Owners Corporation for the hotel. Greg has devoted many hours above and beyond his normal duties into understanding the intricacies of this hotel and has invested himself in ensuring that the Owners Corporation becomes a properly functioning component of this extremely complex integrated resort. Greg has developed an excellent working relationship with Accor management and Resort staff including financial controllers, the property services team and other staff to ensure that the common property is maintained to our extremely high standards.
Greg has in all instances conducted himself ethically and with absolute professionalism, with an ability to act proactively and with excellent judgment. He not only has a sound grasp of Owners Corporation law and regulations, but his wide experience and management skills have proven invaluable to ensuring that all issues are managed quickly and efficiently. Greg and MBCM Ballarat have proven themselves to be invaluable to both Castlereagh as well as the Hotel."
Costa Nicodemou, Director, Castlereagh Capital

"We could not have made a better decision [with MBCM Ballarat]. In the short time we have known and worked with Greg, he has proved to be the complete answer to our need. His capable, professional care of the business of our Corporation, and his immediate and diligent attention to every request we have made, have been absolutely outstanding. Greg is very friendly and approachable, very helpful and co-operative, and always ready to assist us with any enquiry we make. He has completely relieved me of the responsibility of management, for which I am most grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending Greg to the members of any other Owners Corporations. You could not make a better choice of Manager."
Stewart J. Paddle, Mt Clear "I wanted to take the time to write and acknowledge your outstanding service. I often hear people talk around our office. People will say "I need a good Owners Corporation Manager, who you would suggest"...I have to say that 9/10 your name will be mentioned by one of the Property Managers."

"You have a brilliant reputation around our office as being prompt, thorough, helpful and willing to go above and beyond... Something we don't see every day from other Owners Corp Managers."

"It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Melbourne Body Corporate to anyone who is thinking of using their services. They always reacted and related to me in a very patient and very professional manner and got the job done."

"Since taking over the body corporate manager position, we have been very impressed with your service. You are always prompt and efficient at following up requests and are receptive to our needs as property owners rather than simply absorbing fees. Our body corporate continues to build stronger with your leadership. I would not hesitate to recommend your services."




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